The Poems of the Earth collection was designed and released by Annette Gharakhanian in 2017 and it was the starting point for her to launch Geodie handmade handbag line and an opportunity for her to design handbags for a large target audience. Previously, designing handbags was one of her hobbies and then she decided to choose a new direction and turn this hobby into a small business.

Annette Gharakhanian is an Iranian-Armenian handbag designer who was born in 1991 and earned her Master of Landscape Architecture in England in 2016. She designed her first collection of handbags in 2014.

Geodie initiated a new route for handbag design, a phenomenon previously rarely seen in Iran. These handbags are designed to balance spirit and appearance, and this approach has made people feel more versatility in the handbags they carry.

Gharakhanian tries to eliminate the limits of practicality in the designing of Geodie handbags, making it possible for anyone to have the advantage of using Geodie handbags in their daily routine. This goal of Geodie is achieved through the use of specific and distinct materials that are not commonly used in the handbag industry. Geodie handbags are trying to create unpredictable moments for their audience and the choice of this approach comes from the inspirations of Annette Gharakhanian.

In each collection, audiences of Geodie are seeing handbags that divert them from their usual habits and life stereotypes, towards new and different directions. In the world of Geodie, it is not just the apparent element that matters; in each handbag conditions are created to impress more senses such as hearing and tactility. This has caused people to develop a strong connection with Geodie and have a completely unique experience while using it.

Geodie continues to expand its audience and deliver its product to ever more people. To date, Geodie handbags are available in Iran and will soon be available to their audience in Armenia and United Arab Emirates.